Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
How are lessons taught?
All courses are taught one on one, from teacher to instructor. Some students like to train with partners or in a small group.  Students can bring up to 4 people to train with.  Discounts are provided for group training.

What is Fight Back Solutions Instruction?
FBSI are methods of self defense that are functional! One of the most important distinctions you can learn in self defense is knowing and training the difference between Self Perfection or Self Preservation
  • Self Perfection is the part of training that is mechanical, structured, technique oriented, and fun to practice.  Self Perfection gives you fight attributes that make you a better fighter and person.
  • Self Preservation on the other hand is functional, simple, straight to the point, takes little time to learn, and quickly neutralizes an attack. We stress both models to shape well rounded fighters!

How long are the Street Safe Courses?
Street Safe Courses are 6 hours.  Most students break up the lessons into sessions for 2-hours at a time.  Lessons times are modified to fit your schedule.

What will I be learning in general?
You will be gaining a comprehensive understanding of Jeet Kune Do concepts and its application to a combination of arts such as Filipino Martial Arts, Savate, Muay Thai, Wing Chun and Submission Grappling Systems.  Here's a sample of some of the curriculum
  • Timing, rythym, line familiarization
  • Nerve and joint destructions
  • Ground fighting systems
  • Joint Locks
  • Punching mechanics from Boxing, Wing Chun, and Panantukan
  • Kicking mechanics from Thai boxing or Pananjakman
  • Faking and feinting
  • Wing Chun concepts and theories
  • Weapons (Stick & Knife)

Can you really learn so many arts?
The idea is not to learn each art in it's entirety but instead take what works from each art and apply it to the scenario it works best in.  Every art has something to offer for each individual situation.  Some arts are better used than others (ex. Muay Thai kicking over Tae Kwon Do kicking).  We are not mixing arts but instead adapting the best art to the situation.  Doing this develops a self defense system that is simple, easy to learn and is functional in real situations! My Sifu Paul Vunak taught me a specific, effective, and efficient form of Jeet Kune Do (JKD).  The standup system is derived mainly from the Filipino Martial Arts, Wing Chun, and Muay Thai. We also incorporate submission fighting that originates in shoot fighting and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.  Behavioral Psychology is used to enhance the learning process.

"Adapt what is useful, reject what is useless, and add what is specifically your own." - Bruce Lee

What are the requirements for learning?
Positive attitude and a willingness to learn. No previous martial arts experience is necessary. We train in an informal environment.  Competition is with yourself.  The art is individualized to fit your needs.

Where do you train?
All lessons are private lessons, one on one at the Instructors private location.  The instructor will also do small group lessons if you have friends that want to take lessons together.

Cancellation Policy
  • Late cancellation of lessons jeopardizes the ability of Instructor Chris Fernandes to provide appropriate training to the needs of students.
  • Student will agree to attend all scheduled lessons. No-shows or late cancellations will still need to provide payment for the time that they have secured. If students arrive late, their lesson will finish within the scheduled time.
  • It is important that all students attend all scheduled lessons. If a student is unable to attend a scheduled lesson he/she is required to call or email the instructor 24 hours prior to the appointment.
  • Students may leave a cancellation message on the instructors voice mail if needed.
  • In cases of extraordinary circumstances ( e.g. physical illness, family circumstances) which prevents the student from keeping the appointment within the 24 hour period the student is still expected to call and inform the instructor that he/she will be missing his/her appointment.  Multiple cancellations within the 24-hour period will be assessed by the instructor on an individual basis.
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