Learn the methods of submission fighting to take care of businesses on the ground!

Don't spend years trying to learn difficult grappling techniques.

Ground Fighting Combatives will teach you to
...quickly escape positions, gain control, and defeat attackers quickly on the ground...!
Ground Fighting on the Street is No MMA Match!
Let us show you how to defeat a ground fighter in a few lessons!
Learn ground fighting in a short amount of time!

Contact Me with any questions!
Ground Fighting Combatives is the Rapid Assault Tactics concept applied to ground fighting. 

Applying the concepts of JKD and the mentality of the Filipino Martial Arts to ground fighting allows you to quickly escape from or defeat anyone on the ground!

Concepts from MMA, Japanese Shoot Fighting, and Catch Wrestling are incorporated.
Do not waste your time learning traditional ground defense!
Here are some of the concept you will learn...

  • Gain an instant advantage in any disadvantaged position.

  • Learn the quickest  methods to escape any ground position.

  • Defeat well trained ground fighters in seconds with specific combative techniques.

  • Understand the difference between sport grappling and combat.
Six hours of private one-on-one instruction with the head instructor!
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