Learn the methods of stick and knife fighting that will make you UNSTOPPABLE!

Don't waste your time learning flashy weapon techniques.

Primal Weapons Training will teach you to
...quickly defeat multiple attackers with ease...!
Weapons training doesn't have to be fancy, just straight to the point!
Learn weapon defense in a short amount of time!

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Primal Weapons Training is based on "first beat" technology and provides the most efficient methods of using primitive weapons. 

Learn to utilize and work with edged and blunt weapons in the most effective way possible.  Training is focused on both knife and stick taught from a Filipino mentality. 

Most traditional martial arts have you learning fancy movements that don't work in real situations! Primal Weapons Training adheres to what is realistic and has been field tested!
This is the best training I ever received!
Here are some of the concept you will learn...

  • Quickly defeat multiple opponents by  "Equalizer Theory."

  • Learn to use the primal weapons in various  ranges.

  • Develop and improve your reflexes in all areas of self defense.

  • Know the one secret that will put you above every other weapons street fighter.
Six hours of private one-on-one instruction with the head instructor!
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