Learn the methods of locking and restraint to control your attacker EASILY!

Don't spend years trying to learn to difficult control techniques.

Tactical Control Restraint will teach you to
...move, control, and restrain attackers with minimal effort...!
Inflict extreme pain with small simple motions!
Learn control / locking defense in a short amount of time!

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Tactical Control Restraint is based on the arts of Aikido, Small Circle Jiujutsu, Judo, Wrestling, and Filipino Dumog. 

We have taken the best locks, take downs, sweeps, and field tested control techniques from these arts and combined them all into a live progression to make for a super effective control system!

This course provides an aspect of controlled fighting that allows you to subdue attackers when complete violence is not called for (ex. Police Arrests) 
I couldn't believe how fast I got a 240 pound man to comply!
Here are some of the concept you will learn...

  • Learn to cause extreme pain with small simple motions.

  • Easily move a resisting person with the least amount of energy.

  • Take your attacker to the ground on your terms!

  • Gain complete control over a resisting opponent.
Six hours of private one-on-one instruction with the head instructor!
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